Shatrughan Offers to Guide Rajinikanth

2017-05-27 06:37:44.0

The BJP MP, Shatrughan Sinha on May 25th backed Rajinikanths move to join politics. He suggested him not to unite with any political party, alternatively let people come to him.

Sinha said his tweets that Titanic Hero of Tamil Nadu and son of India-dearest Rajinikanth! Rise, Rise, Rise!! Its high time and the right time! India is anxiously waiting for Superstar Rajinis move into effective politics for the future of the people and country.

He suggested Rajini not to join any specific political party, while he meshed up with former Bihar deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi in a Twitter war.

Shatrughan said that he would always stand by Rajinikanth and proposed all sorts of support to guide him as a friend, supporter and well-wisher.

He said that, You can bank on me. Im bankable, dependable and available to you-anytime and every time-Regards to your family and long live Superstar Rajini.