Are Purple Onions Good for Health..?

2017-11-09 00:41:46.0

Purple onions - we use them in our daily cooking, however ends up not getting noticed as much as it should.

It has got fantastic nutritional properties. However, even if it is not fashionable food, it will get job done. Its a great ally for the health as it is a source of a series of compounds with medicinal properties.


1. It prevents cancer cell growth:
Onions are rich in sulphur compounds that protect your body from developing tumors and several different types of cancer. The sulphur compounds can also kill the bacteria that attack urinary system.

2. It controls diabetics: Purple raw onions can stimulate insulin production. So eat more purple raw onions to end your struggle with diabetics.

3. It relieves constipation: Purple onions are also rich in fiber and that is reason they are really good at fighting with constipation. The fibers present in purple onions help your intestines releasing toxins from your body too.

4. It cures sore throats: Onion juice is commonly used to treat colds and sore throats and has surprising results.

5. It helps with nose bleeding: If your nose is bleeding, try smelling inside half of a freshly cut onion.

6. Protects and strengthens your heart: Purple onions can protect from coronary heart diseases and regulate arterial pressure inside the heart.

7.Balances cholesterol:
Purple onions normalizes cholesterol levels and lessens LDL or bad cholestero