Foods that you must eat to Stop Snoring

2017-08-18 07:22:32.0

Garlic: If you eat raw garlic, it will reduce any swelling you might have in your throat, which in turn will take care of many of the odd breathing sounds that are produced while you sleep.

Fish: It helps those who snore as the fatty acids in the fish relax the throat and reduce breathing problems associated with snoring.

Olive Oil: It has got plenty of fatty acids and it has anti-inflammatory properties that battle those awful obstructions that occur overnight and interfere with our sleep patterns.

Honey: It contains natural sugars and other vital nutrients that help fight the battle against night time disruptions. The thick natural substance coats the throat and works to curb congestion.

Honey also keeps people from snoring by producing melatonin, a naturally found hormone that regulates our sleep patterns.

Almonds: Eating Almonds or even drinking the milk made from almonds strengthens the tissues of the throat.

The more these tissues are strengthened, the less they are affected by vibrations made when breathing . That by itself cuts down on snoring.

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