Central Government Massive Offer to Jagan

2017-09-28 03:28:16.0

As 2019 polls are nearing, political heat is vigilant in and around AP among the political parties where the ruling party has gained lot of dissatisfaction among people as it failed fulfilling its impractical promises. On the other hand Opposition party is trying to be in the good books of Central Government.

In the above context, the political analysts are actually anxious about BJPs alliance in AP for 2019 polls as jumping MLAs issue has become crucial. Increase in constituencies may be the solution to put an end to this issue, as the new constituencies can be distributed them to jumping MLAs.

However, BJP seems uninterested in increasing the constituencies in 2019 as it released a note in Loksabha and Rajyasabha stating that the number of constituencies will be increased in 2024 and not 2019. This decision of Central Government will indirectly favour the YSRCP as most of the jumping MLAs may not get a seat for contesting in 2019 polls from TDP thus leading to dissatisfaction among them.

The above decision makes us think that the Central Government is in favour to YS Jagan for 2019 polls.