Shocking facts behind TDPs negative publicity about Spyder

2017-09-28 04:57:12.0

Negative publicity on YSRCP has been regular practice of TDP.Publicity regarding YSRCP MLAs joining in TDP- where they have not joined is an evidence of it. Another one of such kind is cancellation of Jagan Padayathra.

Recently it has started on Spyder movie as the movie hero has given interview to Roja which is telecasted on Sakshi channel. The TDP fans are unhappy regarding it as Mahesh stated that YS Raja Shekhar Reddy and YS Jagan are great, as a part of interview when Roja questioned him about them.

Though his brother-in-law is a TDP MP, the TDP fans and TDP IT wing are unhappy regarding Mahesh comments and started negative publicity about his movie. As a part, they started spreading that Roja is an iron leg and she is the reason behind the movie plop.